Ivica Šćepanović, Aleksandar Vlahović

Aim of this study is to determine the possible existence of territorial depending influence of morphological characteristics on the karate foot technique frequency. Sample of subjects included 115 Montenegrin male karate practitioners aged 15 years ± 6 months, divided into three subsamples according to the corresponding territorial regions (north n=37, central n=39, and south n=39). For the purposes of this study a system of 13 variables, which cover areas of morphological characteristics (12 variables) and specific motor abilities (1 variable) were used. All results have been subjected to statistical analysis, which involves regression analysis as the primary statistical operation. Insight into the results relieved that in two out of three subsamples, north (R=.83; R2=.70; Q=.00) and south (R=.79; R2=.62; Q=.00), showed statistically significant influence on the presented criterion, while significant influence in central region was not found (R=.70; R2=.49; Q=.06). Individual variables that show statistically significant influence on the criterion SMG30 in north region is AVT (β=1.13; Q(β)=.00), AMT (β=-.66; Q(β)=.01) and in south region ASR (β=-.51; Q(β)=.04). With this it is possible to conclude that the existence of territorial factor resulted with the differences in morphological characteristics influence on the frequency of executing mae-geri foot technique.

DOI:Ивица Шчепановиќ, Александар Влаховиќ

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