Dražen Čular, Mirjana Milić, Antonio Bilić Pavlinović, Ratko Katić, Goran Kuvačić, Josip Vrdoljak

The aim of this study is to compare the somatotype of young cadet male and female taekwondo competitors. The subject sample includes 32 Croatian female taekwondo cadets and 30 Croatian male cadets. Mean chronological age of girls was 14.08±0.91 years, mean body height was 158.20±9.14 and body mass was 46.86±8.51. Boys' mean chronological age was 13.80±1.45, body height was 161.81±12.79, and body mass was 51.06±11.10. Mean somatotype values calculated by the Heath-Carter method were 3.71-3.19-3.70±1.42-1.02-1.14 for girls and 3.45-4.17-3.58±1.94-1.12-1.58 for boys. Based on a Category Chart, nine somatotype categories were found for female competitors and seven categories for male competitors. The majority of young female participants fit the balanced ectomorph (28.13%) and mesomorphic ectomorph (15.63%) category. Among male competitors, the highest percentage (43.33%) fit the mesomorphic ectomorph category, followed by the mesomorphic endomorph category (23.33%).There were no significant differences found by analysis of variance (SANOVA) in somatotype between young male and female taekwondo competitors, with F=2.85 and the level of significance p=0.092.

DOI:Дражен Чулар, Мирјана Милиќ, Антонио Билиќ Павлиновиќ , Ратко Катиќ , Горан Кувачиќ, Јосип Врдољак

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