Tušak Matej, Kovač Eva, Tkavc Suzana, and Masten Robert

The basic aim of the research was to discover the meaning of sport, its value among the soldiers and officers and its motivational effect and the correlation between sport in the army and general health and satisfaction with work and life. We tried to research the positive effects of sport on the work efficiency in Slovenian Armed Forces. Different sport psychological measurements and tests have been in research. We used Self-motivation Inventory, Participation (in sport) Motivation Inventory, Work Motivation, General Health Questionnaire, Attitudes Toward Sport, Work Efficency Scale, Satisfaction with Life Scale and Body Mass Index. 141 subjecs were involved into the researh (75 sodiers and 66 officers in Slovenian Armed Forces). The results showed many useful data. There is a positive connection between attitudes toward sport and general health and satisfaction in work. There is also a positive connection between sport attitudes and work efficiency. The main sport motives for the employers in Slovenian Armed Forces are: they like friendship and brotherhood through sport, they want to stay fit and they want to learn new sport skills. Through these results we can confirm very positive effects of sport on the general life and work in the Army. New researches should follow to discover more directions for practical suggestions.

DOI:Тушак Матеј, Ковач Ева, Ткав Сузана и Мастен Роберт

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