Naser Lahu, Valmira1 Latifi-Lahu, Sylejman Miftari

Introduction: Low back pain is not a disease, but a symptom that comes from different processes of building structures of back region. Material and methods: This research was short term with duration of four months and it was a prospective study. From 56 patients, 28 were treated with strengthening only for back muscles together with electrotherapy and thermotherapy (control group); and the other 28 patients were treated with muscular strengthening for back, legs and abdominal region incorporating manual therapy, electrotherapy and thermotherapy (experimental group). The acquired data were grouped according to submitted questions and statistical processing was made with software SPSS, to calculate statistical parameters like structure, median and variable masses. Verification of this trials was made by level of reliability for p<0.01, with error level respectively from 99.7 and p<0.05 and reliability from 95% Results: In the first visit, subjective examination of patients was conducted through questionnaires and objective examination measuring movement, muscular spasm and muscle strength was nearly the same without significant difference between groups, but in final examination after 15 rehabilitating sessions there is remarked significant improvement in group of patients treated with muscular strengthening of back, legs and abdominal region involving manual therapy, electrotherapy and thermotherapy, especially with positive Lasegue test, where in the beginning of the treatment, the percentage of patients with positive Lasegue test was 85.71%, whilst with negative test was 14.28%. After application of muscle strengthening of the back and abdominal region involving electrotherapy and thermotherapy with negative Lasegue test are 78.57%, whilst with positive Lasegue test only 21.42% of patients remained.


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