Borche Daskalovski, Aleksandar Aceski, Milan Naumovski, Miodrag Kocik, Blagojche Kechovski

Basketball is one of the most dynamic sports games. It requires from the players the ability to overplay the opponent, possession of: speed, spin, versatility, explosive force, flawless movement with, successful realization of technical and tactical tasks and above all possession of good perception and intelligence. Has been conducted a survey with a sample of 54 young basketball players aged 14 to 16, of which 18 at 14 years of age, 18 at 15 years of age and 18 at 16 years of age in order to determine whether there are differences in structural basketball elements with a ball (ball-leading and jump-shot), the explosive force, the running speed and agility in young basketball players representing Macedonia. A total of 10 variables were applied to accomplish the research goals, 4 for estimating the explosive force, 1 variable speed rate estimation and 1 variable for agility assessment and 3 biomechanical variables . It can be concluded that in the variables for evaluating the explosive force, the basketball players at the age of 14 show weaker results in the variation of the double-edged jump in height with hands on hips compared to basketball players 15 and 16 years of age. Also, 14-year-old basketball players achieve weaker results in the variation of a double-edged jump in height from a high-pitch compared to basketball players aged 16 years. The arsenic jump in height did not determine statistically significant differences between players 14, 15 and 16 years of age. Basketball players at the age of 16 are showing better results in throwing the ball from the chest in a sitting position than the basketball players aged 14 and 15. It can be concluded that in the speed estimation variable (running at 20 m. high start), the basketball players at the age of 16 show better results than basketball players aged 14 and 15. Basketball players of 15 years of age show better results in the variable 20 m run from a high start aside from basketball players aged 14. There weren`t statistically significant differences in the variable agility (t-test) estimation between basketball players 14, 15 and 16 years of age.

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