Natasha Stavreva, Biljana Kapusevska

Healthy way of living requires physical and sport activities. Reasons to participate in sports and physical activity are many, such as pleasure and relaxation, competition, socialization, maintenance, and improvement of fitness and health. Sports participation also carries a risk of injuries. Falls, kicks and rough play are main reasons for orofacial and dental trauma. Dental trauma in sports is the major linking channel between the sports and dentistry. Sports trauma frequently involves insult to oral soft and hard tissues, resulting in loss of tooth structure and tooth loss. A large number of dental and orofacial injuries related to sports affect the maxilla, maxillary incisors, and the upper lip with 50%-90% of injuries involving the maxillary incisors. The main purpose of this study is to present the prosthodontic management of patients with present dental trauma as a result of injuries in sport and physical activities, treated at the Department of Prosthodontics at the University Dental Clinic – Skopje. The dental trauma at anterior teeth is resolved with fixed prosthodontic restoration. After the clinical examination and considering the current condition of the injured teeth and soft tissue in general, and after a consultation with the patient, several prosthodontic solutions were suggested. Using metal-ceramic and all-ceramic as possibility of choice, dental traumas are successfully solved, and thus good results in terms of good esthetic and function of the lost or damaged anterior teeth, full dental arch and satisfaction for the patients and dentist were gained. Dental trauma at sport activities causes functional, psychological and social problems for patients. The correct and on-time dealing of the dentist with these conditions removes the further problems, and education of the patients who take part in sport activities enables prevention and reduction of the dental traumas.

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