Fidanka Vasileva, Georgi Georgiev

This pilot-research is realised on a sample of 40 respondents (20 boys and 20 girls) at the age of 9-10 years, which are pupils in the primary schools in Kavadarci and the surrounding area, divided into two groups. The first group is consisted of children whose parents have played volleyball in a recreational or a professional way, unlike the second group, consisted of children whose parents have never played or practised this kind of sport. The aim of this research is to determine the existence of heredity of a structured motor entries known as dynamic stereotypes, or such as motor engrams, in the sport of volleyball. In order to realise the particular aim of the study, we have applied 3 tests that represent 3 basic elements of the volleyball game. After applying the procedure of testing, and the usage of basic mathematical and appropriate statistical methods, we have compared the determined values of t-tests in between (the approximative method of Cochran and Cox), and we have realised that, there is statistically significant difference between the groups, at the level of 0,05. Based on the results, we have concluded that the first group has shown statistically significant better results in comparison to the second group, which in fact, confirms the heredity of motor engrams in volleyball. Anyway, it will be mentioned that, the research which was realised, is a pilot-research, and for doing any wider generalisation of the results, we need a bigger sample of respondents, of the defined category. Based on everything we have mentioned before, we will conclude that, the outcome and the results that were obtained in this pilot-research, will be used only, as a motive and an idea for additional studying of this particular problem, and for a further realisation of a bigger research, of the defined type.


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