Arbnore Ibrahimaj Gashi, Vujica Zivkovic, Eqrem Gara

Introduction:Chronic nonspecific low back pain is one of the most common health conditions worldwide. Low Back Pain has a point prevalence of about 7 to 33% and lifetime prevalence of nearly 85%, it affects about 70-85% of individuals once in their lifetime. Aim of the study is to evaluate the effectiveness of deep tissue massage in patients with chronic nonspecific low back pain.Material and methods: The survey was conducted at the Diagnostic Therapeutic Centre "Rezonanca" in Pristina, during the year of 2016. The total number of patients incorporated in the research was 120, 20-80 years old of both sexes with chronic nonspecific low back pain. Our research was a prospective study, short-term, lasting 4 weeks. Patients were treated three times per week for 45 min. All patients were treated with standard physical therapy protocol which includes: application of TENS, Ultrasound and application of cryotherapy. Then patients were treated for 15-20 min. with manual technique called deep transverse massage on paravertebral muscles of the lumbar spine. The assessment of the degree of pain was measured according to the Numerical Rating Scale of pain (NRS), we evaluated and compared Lasegue’s Test before and after treatment. Results: Our results showed that the degree of pain, after four weeks of treatment was decreased with statistically significant difference ((t = 38.09, P <0.001)). Regarding the Lasegue’s test in all of our patients, with X2-test, we found statistically significant difference regarding the presence of a negative Lasegue’s test after treatment (P <0.001)Conclusion: Deep transverse massage is an efficient treatment technique for chronic nonspecific low back pain in short term follow up treatment.


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