Snezana Ristevska-Jovanovska

Viral marketing describes any strategy that encourages individuals to pass on a marketing me-ss¬age to others, creating the potential for exponential growth in the message’s exposure and influence. Like viruses, such strategies take advantage of rapid multiplication to explode the me¬ss-age to thousands, to millions. Off the Internet, viral marketing has been referred to as “word-of-mouth,” “creating a buzz,” “leveraging the media,” “network marketing.” But on the Internet, for better or worse, it’s called “viral marketing.” Some viral marketing strategies work better th¬an others. The basic elements you hope to include in your viral marketing strategy need not con¬ta¬in all these elements, but the more elements it embraces, the more powerful the results are like¬ly to be: gives away valuable products or services, provides for effortless transfer to others; sca¬les easily from small to very large; exploits common motivations and behaviors; utilizes existing communication networks; takes advantage of others’ resources. The aim of the research in this paper is to determine the impact of viral making strategies to the customers’ decision making process to buy a product for sport activities. The survey was conducted on a random sample of highly educated respondents from Generation Y (1977-1994), active and intensive Internet users and social networks. Researched hypotheses (1) Inconvencional forms of marketing (viral and guerrilla marketing) has a bigger impact on the customers decision making process to buy products for sport activities than advertisements on television and radio is confirmed; (2) Customers more often send promotional videos, images or text to others through e-mail or social networks, than they receive videos, pictures or text via e-mail or social networks by others is not confirmed; (3) Viral campaigns, as a form of promotional activity has a bigger impact than guerrilla marketing on the customers decision making process to buy products for sport activities is confirmed.


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