Abdulla Elezi, Nnazim Myrtaj, Naser Rashiti

This longitudinal research character has intended to establish the impact of aerobic exercise of extra character in the training sessions on several motor variables in order to achieve results in handball. The sample has included 15 cadet members of the Handball Club Zhegra as an experimental group and 15 cadet handball-players of the Handball Club Drita as a controlling group. The motor assessment skills of new handball players has been done in two periods of time before and after the additional program of aerobic exercises in each training session (15 minutes ride with ergo-bicycle with a speed of 30 circulations per minute with a load of 25 W). There were three training sessions held per week, or totally 36 training sessions. Considering the motor skill, evaluation 9 variable latency space covering motor field has been applied. In order to process with the results, the Independent Samples Test has been applied. The variable quantitative survey shows that there has been a statistical quantitative change between the experimental group and the control group. The obtained results show that additional exercises of the aerobic character in the preparatory phase with the cadet handball players has a particular impact in speed and coordination as a motor skill to have an impact on the handball players’ performance. In the handball game, it is important that scheduled treatment trainings at these ages should be filled with exercises of aerobic character, because these exercises have an impact on aerobic capacity, and they also have an impact on physical motor capacity, similar to movement structure (in the case of this research to speed the execution of motor tasks, speed, coordination and agility).

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