Dragan Nejić, Nebojša Trajković, Katarina Nejić, Josko Milenkoski, Andrijana Misovski

The aim of the present study was to assess the effects of Beach Volleyball training program on physical performance in young indoor volleyball players. Fourteen young male volleyball athletes (16±2 years) consented to participate in program and lower-body power and agility testing. The participants performed the Attack, Block jump tests and Standing Broad jump test for lower-body power and Sprint 9-3-6-3-9 m and 10 x 4,5 m Lateral Shuffle Test for agility. One cycle of six weeks was analyzed in off-season (2014). Players were involved in specialized Beach Volleyball program and exercises were selected based on previous experience and according to performance analysis in beach volleyball studies. There were no significant differences (p >0.05) between pretraining and posttraining for Block jump (p=0,612) and Spike jump (p=0,525). However, there was a significant (p ≤ 0.05) improvement in agility tests. Training induced significant (p ≤ 0.05) improvements in 9-3-6-3-9 agility test (p=0,016) and Side steps 10x4.5 m (p=0,021). The results of this study indicate that there were no significant improvements in jumping performance. However, agility test showed improvement in post testing compared to pre testing following a 6 week of beach volleyball training program. The differences in intensity of training, training volume and sample size could be a reason of the discrepancy in results compared to previous studies. However, this kind of study could provide practical application for coaches and sport researchers.

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