Maja Kalauz, Nina Ivančić, Jelena Paušić

Adequate trunk muscle endurance may play an important role in injury-free performance among athletes and it has important role in whole population for prevention of Low Back Pain. The aim of this study was to create the new measurement test for endurance of the lateral trunk muscles. The Side Plank test is the most common test that it is used for testing the endurance of the lateral trunk muscles. The problem of that test is the big influence of the shoulder complex muscle strength and endurance, what can produce negatively effects on the side plank test results. The research was conducted on the 21 participant (15 males and 6 females). Participants are healthy student population from 20 to 21 years old. We measured muscle endurance of both trunk sides for three times in one day. The aim of this research was first to find the reliability parameters of this measurement protocol and the second aim was to compare the results of left and right lateral trunk muscles. Whit these two hypotheses we can answer is the reliability of this new measurement protocol is satisfied and is this new test for lateral trunk muscle endurance can find the differences between two sides of trunk (pragmatically validity). McGill et al. (2003) suggested that a difference between left and right endurance time of the trunk flexors, extensors and lateral flexors muscles would predict who is at greater risk of back problem.Reliability parameters of both sides of trunk were satisfied. We can conclude from this parameters and descriptive statistics from each item that the three measurements must be conducted on the different days. We find no significantly differences between the results of both lateral trunk sides.


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