Danijela Kuna, Siniša Kovač, Ivica Franjko

The purpose of this research was to establish the hierarchical classification of expert model on fundamental methodological exercises for teaching of the movement of snow plow turn in ski school. Through the filling out the online survey they tried to distinguish the importance of the formed model of the most important methodical exercises for snow plow turn teaching. Expert model of the most important methodical exercises captured 5 variables: SDUDPFR (sideways downhill with up and down movement, poles in front raise), SDSP (sideways downhill, sideways plow), FSRK (fist front side raise than placed on knees), SPB (snow plow bow), PFR (poles in front raise). In order to investigate the statistic meaning of differences in ranking the methodical exercises for snow plow turn teaching, participants are divided into three groups based on the degree of skiing education they posses. In relation to above mentioned, sums of ranks (R) of the most important methodical exercises for snow plow turn teaching have been calculated. Using non-parametric analogue post-hoc analysis, i.e. Kruskal-Wallis test (H-test) and appropriate empiric level of significance (p), statistic significance of sums of ranks (R) of the most important methodical exercises have been tested. Significant difference between the value of ranking the most methodical exercises for snow plow turn teaching have been obtained (H=429,43; p<0,001). Those variables which were not different in statistically significant way according to sums of rank were classified in one significant group, while variables which showed statistically significant difference were classified separately. Multiple statistically significant difference based on different degree ski education between the ski experts was found in the evaluation of methodological exercise SDSP (sideways downhill, sideways plow) (p <0.05). The results of this study provide an accurate and scientifically based methodological settings for snow plow turn training. This opens the directions for future research in the form of construction of measuring instruments whose application in practice should allow better selection and choice of modalities methodical exercises for training alpine skiers of different ages and levels of ski prior knowledge.


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