Astrit Iseni, Zoran Radic, AleksandarSimeonov

Abstract This research paper examines the impact of some specific-motor abilities on the success of running sprint at 100 meters. The purpose of this research paper is to establish the connection between specific-motor skills as predictor system on running the 100 meters as criteria system.The survey was conducted with 60 male persons aged 14 years ± 6 months, in primary school "NaimFrasheri" - Kumanovo. The study used 17 variables of which 16 variables for assessment of specific engine compartment and 1 variable to assess the running of 100 meters as motor ability. Variables assessment of specific motor skills are: 1.Taping hand (MTH), 2.Taping foot (MTF), 3.Taping with foot on wall (MTFW), 4. Raising the body(trunk) in 30 seconds from lying on the back (MRBLB), 5. Raising the body (trunk) in 30 seconds Swedish casing (MRBSC), 6. Push-ups (MPU) 7. Squat test (MSQT), 8. Sit and reach test (MSAR), 9. Splitting up the legs (MSL), 10. Arcing with stick (MAS), 11. Eight by tilting (MET), 12. 10X5m Shuttle (M10X5), 13. T- TEST (MTT), 14. Five jump from place (MFLJP), 15. Long jump from place (MLJP) and 16. triple jump from place (MTM), while variable to assess motor ability as a single criterion variable is: 17. Running 100m (TR100m). Based on the results of the regression analysis, where as predictor variables were taken sixteen variables for assessment of specific engine compartment, and as criteria was taken only one variable to assess the engine compartment, it can be concluded as follow: specificity motor variables as predictor variables used in this paper have a statistically significant impact on running variables on 100 meters (MTP100m).The variables of the motor-specific capabilities (such prediction system), have a significant statistical impact MRU100m variable, the level of significance Q = 0.000. It is also worth saying that the whole prediction system has great influence on the variable MET, worth 0.419 and 0.002 significance level, where this value is a positive sign which means that the impact of the variable MET on the variable MRU100m is positive. From this we can conclude that the better are the result in a test of agility eight with bending, that better will be the result in running the 100 meters and vice versa. Also from all prediction systems significant impact has the variable MLJP, worth -0.383 and significance level of 0.020, whereas this value is a negative, and the border of significant influence is variable MAS (arcing with stick) with -.217 value and significance level of 0.059.


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