Uzunović Slavoljub, Zdravković Goran, Kostić Radmila, Pantelić Saša, Milanović Zoran, Jorgić Bojan, Aleksandrović Marko

The aim of this research was to determine the differences in the static balance between visually impaired participants and participants with no visual impairment. The sample of participants consisted of 57 children, divided into two sub-samples, a sub-sample of the visually impaired (n=31) and a sub-sample of children with no visual impairment (n=26). In the study, the following tests of balance were applied: 1) the Bass test lengthwise; 2) the Bass test crosswise; 3) the standing balance test; 4) the lengthwise balance test. In the studied balance tests, performed in the eyes open condition, a statistically significant difference (p<0.05) was determined between children with and without visual impairment for the standing balance test (3.33±1.82 vs. 7.75±3.54, p=0.000) and the lengthwise balance test (2.18±0.68 vs. 7.33±3.44, p=0.000). The results indicate that there is a statistically significant difference between the tested variables of balance in the eyes open and eyes closed conditions among children with and without visual impairment. Contrary to that, among children with visual impairment, only the variable of the standing balance test indicated statistically significant differences for the eyes open and eyes closed condition (p<0.05). In conclusion, the present study demonstrates large differences between children with and without visual impairment on the single-leg balance test performance, while the performances on the two-leg tests are similar.

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