Ruzdija Kalac & Seryozha Gontarev

A sample of 4.162 respondents, divided into 9 age male groups and 9 age female groups in the span of one calendar year, a research is realized with a basis to analyze the trend of correlation between motor tests and anthropometric measures for both gender, that should indicate on any regularities in the growth and development of girls and boys at the age of 6 to 14 years. For the research’s aim realization were measured five anthropometric measures (IBP metodology), and the motor abilities were estimated by the eight motor test by battery EUROFIT. The results are statistically processed with SPSS, v.20.0 for WINDOWS (pirson’s correlation). Based on the results it can be concluded that between the motor test flamingo, volume and fat tissue in almost all age categories there is negative correlation, while muscle mass, especially after the 9th year is positively correlated with the general balance. Volumiocity, which is more a result of muscle mass (passive mass) is is negative correlation, while the muscle mass is in positive correlation with the explosive strength of the lower extremities. Longitudinal dimensionality and the percentage of the muscle mass is in positive correlation with the test tapping with hand, in several mature categories for both gender. Volumiocity and muscle tissue are in negative correlation with the test raising the trunk for 30seconds. And for both gender all anthropometric measures, except the percent of muscle mass have negative correlation with the test pull-ups endurance. For boys and girls in almost all categories, all anthropometric measures, even fatty tissue have positive correlation with the test palm dynamometry. Longitudinal dimensionality of the skeleton in certain age categories are in negative correlation with the test sit and reach for both gender. For both gender in almos all age categories the voluminosity, which is more a result of fat tissue (passive mass) is in negative correlation with the coordination, agility and speed, while the percent of muscle mass is in positive correlation.

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