Ján Pavlík, Martin Pupiš, Ratko Pavlović

In our research we deal with the impact of a triathlon wetsuit on Physical Education students in the 100m freestyle. Four students underwent testing with an average height of 182cm (± 2cm) and an average weight of 80kg (± 3kg), corresponding to the size of the wetsuits worn. The wetsuits worn were Aquaspare Pursuit trade mark made in 2011 and 2012. Wetsuits were 4mm thick. We employed a Polar V800 sports watch to evaluate pulse frequency values. The testing was carried out over two different days. The first test date included swimming in a 100m freestyle without a wetsuit. After a twenty-minutes break it was followed by swimming at the same distance, but this time wearing a triathlon wetsuit. In the second test date, swimming was practiced in a reverse order. First swimming with the use of triathlon wetsuit took place and then, after a twenty-minute break, it was followed without the wetsuit. Using the Pearson Correlation in the first testing we obtained the coefficient 0.988 (p<0.05). According to Cohen (1988) it represents a considerable dependence on wetsuit swimming. The second test showed a similar result with the coefficient 0.959 (p<0.05). Based on these results we could claim that swimming when wearing a wetsuit is faster than without one. This means that wearing a triathlon wetsuit improves the swimmer performance.


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