Abdullah Elezi, Gëzim Murseli, Avdullah Mehana and Adem Nura

A modern disease like metabolic syndrome increases the risk for cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Recovery and prevention of this syndrome contemporary should be focused on: reducing caloric intake, physical activity and through drugs. The purpose of this research is to ascertain the impact of physical activity in the treatment of metabolic syndrome during a period of three months. The research included 54 male with metabolic syndrome. As diagnostic criteria for metabolic syndrome is applied NCEP ATP III criteria (Third Adult Treatment Panel), where metabolic syndrome should present at least three of the symptoms listed below: PEB - waist circumference > 102 cm; TRG - triglycerides ˃1, 69 mmol/L; HDL - (IPTV lipoprotein <1.03 mmol/L; TAS - Systolic blood pressure > 130 mmHg; TAD – Diastolic arterial pressure > 85 mmHg; GLU - Blood sugar (fasting) > 6.10 mmol/L and BMI/kg/m2 . The research lasted three months, by exercising three times per week for one hour, with total 48 hours of cardiorespiratory exercises, during the period March-April-May 2013. Cardiorespiratory exercises included walking on Treadmill “Thrace – HAMMER – Walk-runner RPX” speed 4 km/h at slope 50. Results indicate that treatment with exercises cardiorespiratory reduction has affected the values of all indicators of metabolic syndrome, but not in normal ones, and the difference is statistically significant at p=0,05. Besides cardiorespiratory exercises, metabolic syndrome treatment requires lifestyle change.


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