Fitim Arifi and Iber Alaj

The purpose of this research is to highlight the changes in anthropometric dimensions and the basic movements with a particular emphasis on space in situational movements between students as football players and non-football players 13- years old,(± 6-months). It will be defined anthropometric and motor space of the two tested groups, and will be assigned relations between spaces to the students of football players and students of non-football players. Taking into account the anthropometric status of students as football players and those non-football players of the same age is meant with a certain basic system of anthropometric latent dimensions which are developed with the influence of endogenous and exogenous factors (hours of physical education and various exercises). Meanwhile in motor space research is defined in basic movement and situational ones, where in some of them genetic factor plays an important role, whereas to others, work which students have worked in schools during the physical education classes, whereas had a possibility that except physical education classes to work during training held 3 to 4 times during the week in a football school. Taking into account the anthropometric and motor status of this research, measuring instruments and some anthropometric and motor dimensions used in this research, as well as methods which are used for processing the results, we can define the objectives of the research in this way: The main goal of this research is verification of differences of anthropometric and motor dimensions in space manifesto, especially in particular way to the situational movements, which is expected to be verified differences between students as football players and non-football players.

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