Mirjana Milić, Dražen Čular, Boris Milavić, Toni Tomas, Tino Vojković

The KON6 test by Momirović, Horga and Bosnar (1982) was applied on a sample of 100 young taekwondo competitors divided into two groups according to gender (N=50 boys and N=50 girls).The aim of this research was to determine the impact of conative characteristics on efficiency of young male and female taekwondo competitors, their correlation and the existence of gender differentiations. The obtained results indicated high sensitivity of the test applied in this age group.It is noticeable that the expression structure of conative factors was very similar in boys and girls, whereas the application of independent samples T-test determined a statistically significant gender differentiation for three conative factors: SIGMA – attack reaction regulator; DELTA – regulatory functions coordination system; ETA – regulatory functions regulation system, with all three measures more prominent in girls as opposed to boys.Intercorrelation of conative factors in male and female competitors was very similar on a high level of correlation of all factors except for the EPSILON factor, and in a relative “independence” of the EPSILON factor from other factors. A noticeable difference is the fact that the EPSILON factor in female subsample was related to the ALPHA factor, whereas in the male subsample it was related to the SIGMA factor.The application of discriminant analysis to both subsamples revealed no statistically significant differences between the groups of more successful and less successful athletes.In order to make any serious conclusions, the research should be repeated in other combat sports for easier interpretations and result comparison, the subject sample should be enlarged and metric characteristics of the applied KON6 test should be calculated on younger athletes as well.


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