Benedetti Alberto, Popovski Vladimir, Popovik-Monevska Danica, Kirkov Antonio, Pancevski Goran, Dvojakovska Suzana, Iliev Aleksandar, Gjorgievska Elizabeta, Stamatoski Aleksandar

Odontogenic infections are rapidly spreading health conditions, caused by bacterial inflammation that may produce serious health problems. The aim of study was to evaluate some clinical experience of the treated patients with face soft-tissue infections with speed health rehabilitations and their characteristics and treatment modalities using incision, drainage, sometimes tooth extraction with other medical treatments. This retrospective study has been done with face soft-tissue patients infections from January 2014 to January 2015. We found male preponderance, and mean age was 36.86. Sources of infections were of odontogenic origin in 93% of cases. The mandibular 3rd molar (20%) was found to be the most commonly offending tooth, followed by the mandibular 1nd molar (16%). Deciduous teeth contained 6.4% of the involved teeth. Most patients had aggressive surgical treatment with extraction, surgical drainage, high dose intravenous antibiotics, corticosteroids, and rehydration. Most of the patients (40%) were hospitalized for 4-6 days. Speed health rehabilitation after facial soft-tissue infections is important to verify the patient’s health and life. Antibiotic and surgical treatment results in good condition with normalization of the leukocytes, C-reactive protein counts and good health recovery.


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