Mitko Ivanovski, Lidija Naumovska

Monetary inquests have shown that expenditures related to IVF treatment are insignificant when compared to the net profit income coming from IVF children. For this reason, an increasing amount of importance is placed on establishing and calculating the cost (value) of the IVF procedure as a health care product, and determining its market value.The goal of this study is to define the view point/attitude of the clients/patients regarding the form of payment and their wishes in relation to the payment method of the IVF procedure (whether they want to pay independently, or a part of the cost to be covered by the Health Insurance Fund of Macedonia), as well as their opinion about the appointed price of the IVF procedure by the Health Insurance fund of Macedonia. With that in mind, in the time period from June 2009 to October 2009 - 212 anonymous surveys were assessed. The questioners were filled out by patients/couples that were appointed for an IVF procedure in the Clinical Hospital “ Acibadem Sistina”.Results: According to most of the patients – 58%, the Health Insurance Fund of Macedonia should cover all expenses up to 5 IVF attempts, if there is a need for that, while 28% of them thought that it is enough that the Health Insurance Fund of Macedonia covers for three IVF attempts. Majority of the surveyed clients/patients (36%) think that the price appointed by the Health Insurance Fund only partially covers the IVF expenses of the institution that carries it out. According to 22% of them, a larger sum of money should be assigned for this purpose, while 26% of them believe that the appointed price is appropriate and entirely covers the expenses of the institutions.Conclusion: In addition to the demographic benefit of boosting birthrate, the state has a lot to gain economically by treating infertility. The Governments/States should eliminate all financial and legal barriers when it comes to IVF, and with a pro-active engagement of all sorts they should support the assisted reproductive technology as a long term strategic plan that serves the interest of the state.


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