Mirjana Milić, Marko Erceg, Dražen Čular, Alfred Čurepić, Ivan Granić

The basic aim of this research was to determine the differences in spirometric parameters between Croatian taekwondo competitors, medal winners at the state, European and World championships, and those competitors who did not win a medal at the mentioned competitions. The research was conducted on 54 (32 female, 22 male) Croatian taekwondo competitors. Besides the basic morphological measures, chronological age and training experience, the forced vital capacity (FVC) was measured, as well as forced expiratory volume in the first second (FEV1), Tiffeneau index (FEV1/FVC), medium part of the expiratory curve (FEF25-75) and forced expiratory flows at 50 % FVC (FEF50) and 25% FVC (FEF25).The differences between the groups of examinees were determined using the independent samples t-test. Statistically significant differences in spirometric parameters were obtained in the taekwondo competitors subsamples, and the differences were strongly emphasized in male competitors. The training process strengthens and causes the hypertrophy of the breathing muscles, as well as the increased conductivity of the airways, i.e., the increased ventilation function of the lungs. The mentioned differences are related to the growth of the total organism. As the size of the body increases, its need for oxygen increases, manifested by the increase of the size and the functions of the lungs. Since the medal winners were older, taller, heavier and had significantly longer training experience, the obtained results were expected.


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