Milija Ljubisavljević, Nebojša Čokorilo, Miroslav Smajić, Đurica Amanović, Žarko Kostovski, Stipe Blažević, Mića Jotić

In kickboxing the final result of a match represents a binary variable (to win or to lose), with the main aim being to receive as few kicks as possible, while striking the opponent with as many punches and kicks as possible using one’s arms and legs. Complete workout is performed in the combination of anaerobic and aerobic regime, involving submaximal and/or maximal training intensity. This study presents research results of 10 matches of the top twenty kickboxers in senior competition (16 men and 4 women) in Serbia, for the K-1 discipline. We used video clips of matches as a primary source of analysis. We observed and analyzed the following 9 variables (technical elements of fight) in our study: fighting elements which utilize arms- cross (straight punch); uppercut; hook; uraken; and fighting elements which utilize legs- low kick; mae geri, mawashi-geri, ushiro mawashi geri (reverse roundhouse kick) and knee kick. All research results and data were analyzed using descriptive statistics. For mathematical processing of original data and graphic illustrations, we used the spreadsheet application Microsoft Excel. The obtained results point to the fact that the most frequently used punch (out of the total number of 2515 observed arm and leg punches and kicks) was the straight punch or “cross“ (used 1254 times or in 49.86% of cases), while the most frequently used leg kick was the so-called “low kick“ (used 632 times or 25.13% of cases). The number of times that other arm and leg kicks were used during the matches was far below the previously mentioned kicks (hook: 160 or 6.36%; knee kick: 168 or 6.68%).


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