Ljubomir Drakulevski, Leonid Nakov, Filip Iliev

Considering contemporary conditions, the industry associated with sports and management has evidently noticed growth and became even more attractive as a segment where the use of the business based philosophy considering planning and implementation is enforced. Sports structurally analyzed, includes a wide range of activities, processes and human resources from the area of the sports industry, which more extremely is focused on the modernization of management methods and the techniques for attracting and retaining customers.Management procedures used in sports include an extremely wide range, starting from the focus on a specific, particular segment of business operations, such as marketing or financial management in the purpose of sports up to a so called basic usage, or holistic management model, where all aspects of sports management, should be applied.Sports management can theoretically be determined in many ways, but in essence it is a combination of skills related to planning, organizing, coordinating, motivating and controlling in the context of the organization or department whose primary product or service are associated with sports. At the same time, managing processes and relations in sports is a very extensive field of research, which offers plenty of modes of specialized training and education for individuals, groups and sports entities, especially those which consider the sports industry as a profession that has a necessity of managing.As an exceptionally growing business segment, sports management employs a serious number of human resources, generates a huge volume of economic activities and processes, and affects in a positive way the determination and accumulation of peoples’life quality. Initially considering the general interest and need of Sports management, through defining the most important aspects of its long- founded management, the research effort will focus on the opportunities for professional development in the field of sports management. The fundamental factors that determine the theoretical-empirical approach to sports management on one hand, as well as the opportunities available for professional development of educated individuals, groups and entities in this segment on the other hand, will be integrally treated in order to present future directions and recommendations for more extensive outreach and development. Therefore, the paper will pay particular attention to the most important aspects related professionals who are integrated in the sports world and that effectively and efficiently build careers using different aspects of management.


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