Daniela Shukova Stojmanovska, Seryozha Gontarev, Filip Dimeski, Branka Protić Gava

The research took place in fitness studio Energy in Prilep, in the period from 1.09.2012 to 30.12.2012. The sample consisted of 10 recreationists 20 to 30 years old, who wanted to lose weight and to decrease the percent of fat mass. They accepted voluntarily their weight, percent of fat mass, percent of muscle tissue and water percent to be measured on a special beam scale, which measures the 4 variables, three times during this research - first time before the start of the exploration (initial measurement), at the end of the second month (control measurement) and at the end of the forth month (final measurement). The group was exercising 5 times a week, in duration of 1 ½ hour, mostly in the morning. They mostly applied aerobic exercises and exercises on cardio gadgetry, and only periodically they made exercises on gadgetry with small weights and more repetitions. The subjects refused to fill a questionnaire of the exact amount and the type of products they were consuming every day. Descriptive statistics was applied and T – test of small dependent samples in order to estimate the differences between initial and control, between control and final, and between initial and final measurement. From the obtained results it can be concluded that between initial and control measurement, statistical significant differences were evident only in variable body mass (BM). Between control and final measurement, statistical significant differences were evident in three variables: body mass - BM, percent of body fat - % BF and percent of water - % W, and between initial and final measurement, statistical significant differences were evident in two variables: body mass and percent of body fat. At the same time increase in the percent of muscle tissue (% MT) was evident, but it was not statistically significant.

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