Milan Naumovski, Boro Daskalovski, Luka Popovski & Zoran Stanisic

The objective of the conducted research was to determine the correlation of the variables determining the quantity of the basketball game and the variables determining the quality of the basketball game, the research was conducted on the sample of 74 participants (male). The number of variables in the research is 25, with 18 variables determining the quality of the game and 7 variables determining the quantity of the basketball game. Based on the received scores and the performed analysis it has been concluded that the non homogenous matrix of correlations is composed by few formation structures of the variables out of which the predominant one is consisted of interrelated qualitative variables that have high and medium high scores. The first formation grouping is spotted with variables possessing correlation with the variable (MPG) that measures the time spent in the game. This variable has a medially high correlation with the variables (BP), (AST), (DREB), ((TO) (ST) (REB)) and ((TO scoring) (ST scoring) (REB scoring)). The second formation grouping of variables can be noticed between variables that are hypothetical measures of the efficiency of the centers, that is to say, between the variables (BP), (AST), (DREB), ((TO) (ST) (REB)) and ((TO scoring) (ST scoring) (REB scoring)). This grouping is characterized with high and medially high scores of the correlation. The third formation grouping of variables are hypothetical measures of the efficiency and the engagement of other players (so called small forward - playmakers, that is to say, the players that are in contact with the ball for the most of the game, and their basic function is to distribute the ball on the floor to the other players). These variables include (BP), (AST) and (BP). Here the variable (BP) has high or medially high and negative correlations with the variables that make the formation grouping of hypothetical measures of efficiency of the centers: (DREB), (BLK), (OREB) and (BLKT). According to the correlation of the results in the analysis, it can be stated that the basic structure of the variables grouping depends on the players positions and their specifications

DOI:Милан Наумовски, Боро Даскаловски, Лука Поповски и Зоран Станишиќ

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